Re: Coming Together (1997, rev. 2004)
for violin, cello, percussion and tape (or live electronics)


'dans vingt ou vingt-cinq ans' (2000)
for piano, based on a phrase out of "Trois Couleurs: Rouge" by Kzrystof Kieslowski


chords in slow motion (2000)
for piano, vibraphone or percussion ensemble, premiered at Musikhochschule Münster, November 2005, performed by the percussion class of the University - this version for piano is perfomed by Daan Vandewalle


HKU-Festival (2000)
contemporary choir concert with electronics, performed at the Geertekerk Utrecht (NL), June 25th 2000, conducted by Itamar Lapid, produced by Florian Wittenburg

  • Si Quearis, Maria Thomas 
  • The Beatitudes, Arvo Pärt 
  • The Magic of Music, Ton de Leeuw 
  • Machine 2, Trevor Wishart - tape by Ragnild van den Abeele, arranged by Florian Wittenburg 


aus AUS I, II (2002)
for 'geschweifte' tuba and live electronics, with Stephan Froleyks

  • part 1 (demo), premiered November 15th at November Music 2009, s'Hertogenbosch (NL)  
  • part 2 (demo)  


1st patch for Steve Reich (2004)
for marimba and electronics, loops performed by Florian Wittenburg, premiered 2013 at PASIC13, Washington (Percussive Arts Society)


Timestretching vibraphone I, II (2004)
for vibraphone and electronics, composed by Mathis B. Nitschke, performed by Florian Wittenburg

  • part 1 
  • part 2 


Chaos baart harmonie (2005)
for large gong and electronics, premiered June 15th at the Botanic garden Kerkrade (NL), with Jessica Peel

  • studio version (without gong)  


Le chaos tique, l'ordre pique (2005)
for 2 clarinets and electronics, premiered June 15th at the Botanic garden Kerkrade (NL), with Paulien Dieteren en Germaine Sijstermans


Für Alina (2008)
composed by Arvo Pärt, arranged for vibraphone, performed by Florian Wittenburg


Patterns in a chromatic field I-VII - IM Morton Feldman (2008-2009)
for piano, premiered December 18th 2009 at Radboud University Nijmegen

  • part 3 


Sol meets John - I, II (2009)
inspired by a sculpture of Sol LeWitt and John Cage's chance technique, for piano, premiered December 18th at Radboud University Nijmegen, performed by Daan Vandewalle

  • part 1 


3 drones (2008-2009)
for piano (drones generated by Ebows set on the strings), improvisations (on drones and themes) by Nico Huijbregts, premiered December 18th 2009 at Radboud University Nijmegen

  • drone 3 


aliasing bell pattern (2009)
for electronics, premiered December 8th at Karnatic Lab, Amsterdam


aleatoric inspiration I, II, III (2010)
for piano, premiered May 18th at De Lindenberg, Nijmegen, performed by Daan Vandewalle

  • part 3


Ceci n'est pas ma voix - IM René Magritte (2010)
for electronics

  • part 1, premiered October 25th at Theater Kikker, Utrecht
  • part 2, premiered November 18th at AMP, Arnhem
  • part 3, premiered November 9th at Karnatic Lab, Amsterdam


What Was Was (2011)
for electronics and video, a collaboration with New York-based video artist David Baker, premiered April 5th at Theatre Kikker, Utrecht; american premiere may 7th at Unions Docs, Brooklyn, New York


2nd patch for Steve Reich (2011)
for vibraphone and electronics, premiered December 20th at Muziekhuis, Utrecht; loops performed by Florian Wittenburg


De Deelstaat (2012)
collaboration with indonesian artist collective Common Room Bandung and Extrapool Nijmegen, feat. artists as Iman Zimbot, Gerard Koek, Laurent Malherbe, premiered October 27th during Oddstream Multimedia Festival Nijmegen (NL) and November 4th at Extrapool Nijmegen

  • Intro (demo)


Willow tree? (2012)
My first attempt with image synthesis: the starting point was next door the little willow tree in my parents garden. I took photographs of it and selected three different percpectives as the generic source for this music. As instrument I utilized glass samples. Then I figured that a fragmented voice on top could be a nice complementation.

  • angle 1 (demo)


Natural forms (2013)
electronics (demo), again with image synthesis, this time I used (shaped) images of nature as the gerneric source for music - hence the title; premiere tba (image below is the generic source for the 4th part, it is a painted version of dried soil); special thanks to Stephan Froleyks for the messertisch samples


Quotes I - VI (2013)
works for piano based on little speech quotes which were send to me by my friends - I asked them to send me their favorite quote. Premiered November 26th at AMP Arnhem, performed by Sebastiaan Oosthout.

  • part 1 (demo)
  • part 1 - electronical version


eagle prayer (2014)
A little piano piece inspired by the call of the african fish eagle, which I heard many times during my stay in the namibian wildnis. Mainly because of the applied minimalistic pemutation techniques (rhythmically and harmonically) I called it "eagle prayer".


Piece for bowed piano and electronics (2012)
For this occasion I sampled Ned Mc Gowan, the bowed piano specialist from Amsterdam. This piece was premiered february 13th 2014 at Museum Kurhaus Kleve. The european premiere will be soon at the LOOP Festival for video art in Barcelona (june 4th - 6th) under the name "mise en abyme" (a collaboration with David Baker, he made the visuals for it and gave it that title).


four waves (2016)
For synthesizer. Inspired by the four basic waves (sine, triangle, square and saw)


triads (2016)
For piano solo. This version is performed by classical pianist Sebastiaan Oosthout. it was recorded on a Fazioli grand at Grandpianostudio Nijmegen.


Collaborated electro-acoustical works (composition, programming and performance of the electronical parts)

Funeraire ritmes (2005)
for bass-clarinet, large gong, electronics (radar-sensors a.o.) and dance, premiered August 31th at Cultura Nova Heerlen (NL), with Jessica Peel, Paulien en Arno Dieteren


Daily drones and litanies (2005-2006)
for daily drone instruments, electronics and voice, premiered May 14th at Alte Brüderkirche Kassel (GER), with Stephan Froleyks and Dieter Hufschmid, recorded and produced by Florian Wittenburg

  • holzpikken 
  • münze in der schüssel
  • jackenreiben
  • nagelbrett
  • nachtfahrt
  • eisbecher
  • kaffeemaschine
  • saitenschäumer
  • dieseldröhnen
  • papierknistern
  • steinereiben
  • gläserstreichen


Weitermalen (2006-2007)
radioplay for Radio Bremen and Deutschlandfunk -
for voice, new instruments and electronics, live-version (new music theater for Nationaltheater Mannheim) premiered October 11th at Kunsthalle Mannheim, with Stephan Froleyks and Franz Mazura

  • excerpt 'Wisz'  


17 clips (2011)
for electronics and video, based on little accordion and cello fragments (clips), originally composed by Stephan Froleyks; I convoluted them, loaded them into my sampler and made this piece out of it; a collaboration with canadian composer/video-artist Marcel Wierckx, premiered November 3rd at AMP, Arnhem